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When you're in a hurry... makes those repetitive animations and conversations tolerable. By hitting this key just as the event occurs, you can skip over the entire dialogue or sunset movie.  Also, during combat or other events, it will cancel the last selection you just made.  A very handy key ;)

Minimizes the game to the Windows task bar. Especially useful when grabbing screenshots... hehehe

Arrow Keys
More PRACTICE! There are many areas within the game that can only be accessed by using the arrows, so become handy using them. In some cases, navigating movement with the arrows can minimize or eliminate some types of game crashes.

Bracket Keys [ ]
The #1 most under-used keys by new RtK-ers! Use them every chance you can, cycling the camera angle through all scenes which allow you to. Just like the navigating movement, some elements of the game can only be accessed when the camera angle is changed.

Ctrl Key
Use it to RUN!  Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the Movement Cursor or while holding down the Forward Arrow Key to speed the journey.

Use it to distribute attack strikes.  Hold down the Ctrl key while attacking with a hand weapon and you can spread the attack to more than one adversary.

Use it to speed up sales and purchases at shops.  Hold down the Ctrl key when you buy or sell an item and the confirmation window won't pop up.

"I" Key
Quickly brings up inventory screen during combat.

"P" Key
Quickly searches the ground for dropped items during combat.

"S" Key
Quickly loads previous spell for recasting (or brings up the Magic Options menu) during combat.

"W" Key
Passes the order of the turn to another character, either one of the party or an NPC (enemy). My personal favorite tactical key.

Automatically brings up a menu that allows you to choose Attack Style. It's a very quick way to toggle between styles during combat action.

If a mage or priest enter combat holding a weapon and decides to cast, pressing this key combo will allow the caster to drop the weapon on the ground and still cast during THAT round. Otherwise, a caster must waste a turn just to rid themselves of the weapon. It's a very quick way to toggle between styles during combat action.