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The game automatically saves a page for the beginning of each chapter. It's probably a good idea for new players to save a few pages between each chapter page. Choose either critical events or after a level-up occurs and give them each a new name. For example, in Chapter 0, you might save pages like "Amy" or "Yusef" or "James-4" for those events.


Pressing the F5 key will instantly save the game to a page named "@bookmark". It's a good idea to use this just before and immediately after entering a room or if you anticipate an event. It's important to note that subsequent bookmarks will always OVERWRITE the previous one. If you don't want to overwrite, you'll need to save it as a new page (see "Saving").


This setting won't affect the amount of damage directly, but it will change the likelihood that an enemy strike will succeed during an attack. The number of experience points awarded for combat and other events will decrease as the difficulty increases.


This setting will affect the amount of damage directly. At the Fighter Focus, blades, clubs, staves and arrows will do more damage and enemy armor will repel the party's attack better. At Mage Focus, necromancers will do more damage, but conversely, so will Jazhara and Kendaric. Besides the effect on combat, you may notice that each Focus slightly affects the category of items which are seeded during the game. For example, at Mage Focus you may find more enchanted jewelry, scrolls and alchemical items.

Be aware that once you set the Difficulty and Focus for a game and begin playing IT CANNOT BE CHANGED. You'll need to start a new book to accomplish that.