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(These are in no particular order and I didn't know where to put them!)

The Elusive Camera Angle

Try to use the bracket keys [ ] as soon as you begin a scene.  There could be information hidden from view or a place that you can get the hand cursor to appear that is otherwise inaccessible.  This is probably the #1 problem for new RtKers.

Handy Arrow Keys

Sometimes it is only possible to navigate in tight corners with the arrow keys.  It also helps prevent the game from crashing in the sewers and a few other crash-prone areas.

The Economy of Books vs. Scrolls

Secret Mage Scrolls are no bargain!  They always cost much more than a book, the Path is difficult to identify (Secret Mage Books can be identified by the color of the cover) and impart only half of the skill points that a book does.  In most situations, sell Secret Mage Scrolls to buy the books.

Recharging Wands & Staves

Wands and Enchanted Quarterstaves that contain a limited number of spells can be recharged at any shop that deals in those items.  Simply sell the wand or staff to the merchant and then buy it back again (at a slightly higher price!) to receive a full set of spells again. To gain the greatest value in the trade, use up as many of the casts as possible before recharging (cost is the same regardless of how many spells have been cast!).  Be careful with wands, though... after the last spell has been used, the wand will magically disappear!

Advancing the Clock, Etc.

Beginning in Chapter 3, you can access the Resting Screen and advance the clock.  Not only will the passage of time regain Health Points and Spell Points, but every 12 hours, the stores will replenish their standard inventory (for an explanation of Standard Inventory, click the Charts Button of the RtK Menu).  This is particularly handy when you want to buy Secret mage Books.

Warning About Time Limits

Chapter 3 is limited to a 5-day period.  If you decide to advance the clock for brewing or restoring health/spell points, keep that in mind.  The game will end abruptly, if you try to extend beyond the limit.  Also, there is no resting or wandering allowed in Chapter 10.  The moment the chapter begins, move your party immediately towards their goal without hesitation.  The typical method to finish Chapter 10 is to run by holding down the Ctrl button while clicking the mouse or using the arrow keys.

Revisiting Familiar Faces 'n Places

Be certain to revisit as many characters and locations as you can after a critical event occurs.  There is often more information about the story even though dialogue may have stopped during the prior visit.  Keep talking until the response repeats.

The Merits of Mercy

Whenever possible, chose the response that DOES NOT involve attack, throughout the game.  Attacking and killing an enemy will prevent you from learning any clues that the character may have.  If a battle is destined, it will occur even after the dialogue has ended, but you will have gotten valuable clues along the way.  Besides the clues, there are often more experience points with discovery than in combat.  BE MERCIFUL!

Discover an Item's Hidden Powers

The easiest way to figure out what effects an equipped item has on the bearer is to bring up the Attributes Screen before and after equipping the item.  Other features can only be noticed during combat.  If the "Use" Button of the item is available when you access it during combat, check out the spell effect written at the bottom of the screen before you use it.  Once the effect has been identified, either use it or hit Esc to cancel.

The Power of Bookmarking & Saving

Any event can be "tested" by saving or bookmarking the game just prior to doing something.  For example, save before entering a door, clicking a Mouth Cursor, using an un-accessed potion or selling an un-accessed item to a shop.  If you are displeased with the outcome, just reload and try again!  (Bookmarking will always overwrite the last bookmark, so be careful.)

Surprise Endings... Ouch!

Any time a mage drops a weapon during combat to cast, there's a chance you'll forget to pick it back up again before leaving the scene.  Besides the accidents, some battles may end without even giving you the chance to search the ground for the dropped items.  The best rule to follow is not to allow a spellcaster to enter combat holding a weapon.  Another alternative is to prolong killing the last adversary until all the dropped items have been picked up.

Travel Lighter, Better Fighter

Make a lot of trips back to the shops in Krondor to sell loot.  After the first chapter, become more selective in what you loot, settling on items that carry the best price per pound and leave the rest lay.  Combat will be much easier when your party members can move freely and dodge enemy attacks easier, a result of keeping Encumbrance low.

The Master's Book Selling Trick

I found this idiosyncrasy/cheat while compiling item charts.  It's a method to gather as much wealth as you like before leaving Krondor.  Here's how it's done:

You need 2 copies of the same (cover color) Secret Mage Book.  Either buy them or find them. Then find a store that deals in books, but doesn't have this particular book in stock.  If it does, buy up its entire stock of that book.  Next, sell 1 copy of the book to the store.   Then sell 1 more copy.  Finally, buy both books back AT ONE TIME!  The difference between what you paid for 2 at once and what you got when you sold 1 at a time is at least 1000 gold.  Different kinds of books have a slightly different profit margin, but it always works.  By repeating this trick 10 times, you'll earn well over 10,000 gold and pretty quickly.
The One-and-Only RtK Cheat Code - Instructions (Since You Asked!)

Unlimited Magic Spells

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file!!!   Create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.  Use a text editor to edit the rtkrondor.ini file in the game directory and add the following lines:


Load the game and press [Alt] + C when the final navigation screen appears. The console prompt with a dollar sign will appear. Type pyromania followed by [Enter]. Press [Alt] + C again to close the console prompt. Mages now cast any spell without cost.