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HERE'S What's New:
04-16-00 The Unveiling!  Let the games begin!  Return to Krondor game pages, Guest Book,  some RtK Fan  links, several pages of promises to add more info like other games, some original prose and favorite web sites
05-06-00 With the help of some fans of RtK, a few new lists were added.  The "Items" button now links to these lists.  Also, the Guest Book display has been fixed.
07-04-00 With the help of some fans of RtK, the Speed Variant Walkthrough was changed to show a few more shortcuts.
08-14-00 Updated and added a few new links in the RtK game links section.
05-01-01 Links Update: Oldsmar By The Sea is no more! :( ... but Flamestryke's pages (added) are a must for all RtK-ers who play with pen in hand ;)