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Chapter 9 Walkthrough (Turbo)

The goal of this chapter is to destroy the source of evil that is preventing the guildsman from raising the sunken ship.

SPOILER WARNING: This walkthrough only contains those events which are essential to complete the chapter... a rough outline. It is recommended that that the readers explore the game themselves to enjoy the intracacies and richness of the storyline.

Note: Experience points listed are based on a game set at Hard difficulty.
Enter the temple by pressing the rock with the symbol found in an alcove on the left side of the path to the beach. 
 Walk straight forward to a locked door. Open the door with the Laser Puzzle Lock.[+834 exp]. Pass through and walk towards the right side of the chamber. 
 Fight TENTACLES [+334 exp]. Pass through the door on the right.
 In the center hallway, destroy a Goblin Warlord, 3 Goblin Warriors and a Goblin Archer [+803 exp]. 
 Turn down the hallway to the left and pass through the door into the CATACOMBS.
Walk into the passageway. Fight 2 Ghouls [+300 exp]. 
Transport the party to the far left corner of the CATACOMBS. Pick the lock to the door and enter. Destroy 7 Skeleton Warriors [+875 exp].
Enter the Lich's room. Destroy 2 Ghouls, 4 Skeleton Warriors and the "Dark God" [+6876 exp]. Break the Black Pearl (A scepter is not required) to end the chapter. (+4167 exp points will be added at the beginning of Chapter 10)