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Chapter 10 Walkthrough (Only)

The goal of this chapter is to recover the Tear of the Gods and return it to Krondor.
After the movie is finished and Kendaric has raised the ship, exp points will be added from destroying the Black Pearl in the previous chapter. Distribute level-up points as necessary. Direct your party toward the ship by walking (or running) up the path towards the beach and the ice flow that stretches out to the ship. 
If they wander around the beach, Kendaric will insist that the party hurries. Should they tarry further, the ship will sink and Bear and his mercenaries will engage the team in a doomed battle. Before our heroes can deploy, Bear attacks with magic!
Rather, go directly onto the ice path until the party meets and battles a group of raised dead... 2 Zombie Warriors, 2 Townsmen & a Townswoman. If you plan on looting the enemy, it will need to be done during the battle. Destroy all [+1141 exp] and march immediately towards the ship once again as the dead sink back into the sea. 
Enter the ship. Once inside, attack and kill the Sea Monster [+183 exp] and loot the dead seaman [a very good warhammer for Solon!]. Walk up the stairs to the upper deck. 
 Battle 3 Zombie Necromancers and a Zombie Warrior to the death [+1172 exp] and then loot some magic items. Walk down the stairs on the opposite side. Once back inside, Solon warns the team of the dangers which may lurk inside. Enter the chamber at the end of the ship. 
Upon entering the chamber, a Dragon Soul appears. Solon begins casting a protective spell which will last through the entire battle, but prevents him from helping the party in turn play. The 3 heroes will eventually prevail as the dragon disintegrates. [+1250 exp]. Strategy Tips: The goal is to last a few rounds without all 3 members being killed. Some damage should be inflicted, but the Dragon Soul cannot be killed (eg. like Tentacles). Useful potions for this battle is Strong Regeneration and Strong Heal. Spells which fortify against damage are Trollish Blood and Skin to Steel. Very few offensive spells have any effect on the dragon. Fire Oil has no effect. Setting Attack Style to Conservative makes the dragon's attack much less damaging. 
Solon will recover the Tear and then the party will return to the beach the same way they came. As they approach the beach, Bear and his mercenaries will be waiting. Ask Bear as many questions as possible and don't force the attack (This battle cannot be won!). Continue asking Bear all 5 questions until he commands his mercenaries to attack the party. Engage in battle and kill all 5 mercenaries (1 archer) [+797 exp].
William returns and, fortified by the strength and spirit of Kahooli, defeats Bear [+1300 exp, William only, but can't use] avenging Tahlia's death. 
Solon delivers the Tear of the Gods to the Ishapians at Arutha's court back in Krondor. End of game. (Don't miss the epilogue with a guest appearance by Sidi!)